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Mr. Hung

General questions

Does Duy Phong sell and manufacture others product or only product International standard moldbase?
Duy Phong does not only supply for international standard mold base, but also supply moldbase following customer’s sizeS and drawingS. It includes breaking raw material and processing, providing standard mold‘s Hardwares …. and trading special and carbon steels.
How is Duy Phong’sfactory equipments, workers, workplace etc...?
Duy Phong company has more than 150 employees, is equipped with over 70 top modernization machineries imported abroad and located at 3.000m2
What is the main and regular Customers?
Almost our consumers come from Japanese companies and get 40% , 7% is China companies, 10% is Taiwanese companies, 15% is European companies and the remaining is Vietnam companies.
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